Hello my loves,

I’m back with the weekly look on the blog YAAAY! As you know summer is almost here and it’s time to rock the summer outfits such as Maxi dresses, shorts, mini skirt and so on..

Maxi dresses are my must have for this summer, I gained some weight and it’s the only type of clothes in which I feel comfortable for right now. I got a bunch of them and still looking for some! If you have any website where I can get some cute one please let me know in the comments section!

So I wore this lovely dress last Saturday in Brooklyn to shoot the look and let me tell you, I was so comfortable OMG; I wanted something very fluid because I’m dressed kinda tight during the week with my high waist leggings and XXL shirt and I just wanted to fell free and relaxed HAHAHA.

I accessorized the dress with some cute simple nude sandal with some studs, a yellow satchel bag and some black sunnies.

Check it out!











Dress: Shein ⏐Shoes: Valentino ⏐ Bag: Chloé  ⏐ Sunglasses: Miu-Miu

What did you guys think of the look?

Xoxo Meïtha


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