Hey loves,

I hope that everyone is doing well! I’m sorry that I have been absent for the past month; I was just not inspired to blog or even do any tutorial at all and I’m trying to get back on my game.

So new look on the blog today! I wanted to do something different for this photo shoot with no makeup on at all. For the past months I have been wearing jogging and sweater with no makeup to go to class which is not what I am used at all to but I actually really like it. It was so easy and quick to get ready in the morning and in addition, I was adding a little more time on my sleep which is great!

I opted for a black jogging with a denim shirt, a white top under and a blue scarf because I hate when it’s cold and I have nothing on my neck. I accessorize the look with sunglasses and my school bag

Ps: I wearing my sunnies in all of my pictures because I’m growing my eyebrows and it’s just a big mess LOL

Check it out !





Leggins: Victoria Secret | Top: Forever 21 | Shirt: Zara | Scarf: Kenzo | Shoes: Adidas Sunnies: Tom Ford | Bag : Louis Vuitton

Love, Meïtha ❤️

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