I hope everyone has had a good holiday and spend a good quality time with family and friends. I’m wishing to you all an amazing 2017 year with a lot of love, happiness, joy, health because without this we can’t do anything but also success in everything you are and will undertake this year. I also want to take a moment to thank my follower for reading my post and also follow my blog even taught I take a lot of time to post something, thank you so much, I love you all ❤️

I’m actually back home in Ivory Coast for the winter break and that why I’ve been kinda MIA for my blog and other social media. I just wanted to enjoy my friends and family, been home and relax. And to be totally honest I really didn’t want to spend my time on my computer writing on stuff rather been with my loved one. Even though I’m not really inspired, I’ll try my best to post a look this week if I can.

I’ll be back on my blog and my youtube channel in two weeks for sure. I promise you to have more content on my blog such as reviews on products, DIY, recipes, makeup tutorials and so on. Also, NEWS NEWS  my blog is going to be in French and English because I noticed that some of my readers do not speak English so I hope that you are happy about that !

I have so many goals that I want to achieve and that I will achieve this year such as been more present on my blog and my youtube channel, focus even more on school and my religion, work to be a better person and so on.. Everything is possible when we want something right?

So I hope that you are ready for me 2017 because I am, it’s gonna be an epic year 🎉 🎉 !


Meïtha ❤️

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