Hey Loves,

I have a new look for you !! I put this casual look for you. It was actually my Wednesday look to go to class and it got super hot around 11 AM so I just change my cloth for a dress.

As you know summer is over but it’s still hot here in the south so I tried to enjoy the last day of a sunny day before the cold weather start. I feel like this look it’s kinda of a good transition look from summer to fall, the wedges recalled the summer and the long sleeve shirt recalled the fall. It’s a casual look that you can wear for spring and fall  because it is not too hot and not too cold during those two seasons in my opinion.

In addition to that, this look can be worn for many occasions such as going to class if you are a student like me or to go to lunch or even for a night out, you  just need the perfect accessories and the look is going to be LIT ! I actually got inspired by Instagram when I put this look , I saw a picture with the same outfit but different accessories and I taught that was a good outfit idea to put together.

I wore an extra large white and blue striped shirt with a white tank top under, a white jean and some nude heel . I accessorize the look with a black choker and a yellow handbag to add a little bit of color.








Stripped Shirt : H&M ⏐Tank top : Forever21 ⏐Pants & shoes: Zara ⏐Chocker : Clair’s⏐

Bag : Burberry





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