Hey loves,

I wanted to talk about something that happened a few days ago. So it was the day of my Boyfriend Birthday and I wasn’t with him to celebrate his 23 birthday but I had the chance to have him on the phone, talked and just let him enjoy his day. Anyway,  during that day, especially during the night around 8pm, I was on my computer just thinking about everything and anything as I usually do and I just had this strong feeling in my heart to say this three words ‘’I LOVE YOU’’ to my friends and family like something was supposed to happen to me; I really do not know how to explain it but that feeling was so strong and I just had to do it and after I said that I was feeling so much better.


And it just made me think that sometimes we are so used to the things and people that we have in our life that we take everything for granted like it is normal but we should not. It is always important to be grateful, thankful for the things and people that we have in our lives because not everyone as the chance to be like us and have the things and lives that we have. But also so important to say I LOVE YOU to the people that are important to us because you never know what is going to happen the next day..

So that was my little taught of the week and I just wanted to share it with yall !

Don’t forget to say I love you to your love one’s..


XOXO , Meïtha ❤️

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