Hey babes !

So today’s article is a review about the ARTIS BRUSH, I’m sure that you all have saw those brushes on social media especially instagram. I wanted to give you my impression and what I think about it after using it.


What is the the oval Artìs brush ?

The oval 8 brush is a medium size brush made to apply primeraly foundation. You can also use it to apply powder and also blend and or apply bronzer and highlight. It gives you a clean finish with flawless foundation and an airbrush finish which is just BOOMB. With this brush, you don’t need a lot of foundation , just a little bit and the brush to the rest of the work #LESSISMORE

How to use it ?

Pump some foundation on the back of your hand and then with a finger jut apply it on the face and then use the brush to blend everything by doing circle motion on the face.

How much does it cost and  where can you get it ?

The Artìs brushes are pretty expensive, the oval 8 costs 65 dollars. You can buy it in a set or individually  on the artìs brush website here ,  on the website of Saks Fith Avenue here or in the store


My Opinion  

So I have been using the oval 8 brush for a month now to apply my foundation and I’M LITTERALLY IN LOVE WITH. I use it every morning to apply my foundation , weather it is with a liquid foundation or a stick one , the result is still gorgeous. This brush is really giving me life every single morning , I’m just obsessed with it. The oval 8 brush gives that natural airbrush finish which is just SO BOMB !

Among all the foundation brushes that I have, this brush is definitely in my top 5. If you were looking to purchase them and was hesitated, I really advice you to get them they are definitely worth it.

XOXO Meïtha




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