Hey Babes !

Today I’m sharing with you one of my look that I wore this weekend . So this past weekend, my cousin came to visit me in Florence  and we had amazing time. I hadn’t seen her since december when we were back home so it was good to see each other and just hang out a little bit  and talk about everything and anything. Since she was her , I kinapded her so that she could take some picture for my blog ( I don’t have a photographer like other blogger) Shout out to you Mossiaké 😘❤️. So I had a wonderful time with her, and it really make me feel good to see someone especially that I am always alone

But anyway we are not here to talk about my weekend , let’s talk about my outfit . So as you know summer is pretty much here, and the temperature are getting higher and higher.

For this Saturday with my cousin, I opted for simple and cute look . I wore a colorful maxi dress with some nude sandal  and I accesorized the outfit with some aviator sunglasses and a classic black purse. Check it out :





IMG_0768 (1)





Dress : H&M

Sandal : Valentino

Purse : Chanel

Sunglasses : Ray-ban

XOXO Meïtha








One thought on “Cute and Simple

  1. Hi Meitha! Really enjoyed reading your blog! You have an awesome taste in fashion (especially love your Chanel Classic!)

    When you get a chance, we’d love to be introduced in your blog. We help people authenticate their designer fashion items. We also started to blog on helpful tips on how to spot fake fashion! Please check out blog for more details 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful day!


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