Hey my love !

So as you now we are finally in the SPRING season , YAAAAAAY !!! It’s my favorite season of the year because the sun is back , the temperature are just Perfect and I can finally wear brigh color in my clothes but also on my nails..

Most of the time I choose my nail polish depending of the season, during the fall and winter , I’m more into the dark color such as black , gray, brown , dark blue, nude and during the spring and summer I wear all the flashy color : pink, purple, orange, green and so on . I’m not saying that I do not wear bright clor during cold season , it can happen and it’s usually the red color .

I see a lot of girl wearing flashy color during the cold season , I don’t judge but I advise you to paint your nail in function of the season ; example dark blue, dark green, black for fall and winter. I have a bunch of nail polish but I’m showing you some of the polish that I use during the spring.

IMG_0467 (1)From left to right :

Chanel Lavanda

Essie The more the memer

Essie Watermelon

Essie Geranium

Essie Play date

Essie Guilty pleasures

Essie High class affair

Essie In the Cabana

Essie Sunday funday

Essie Off tropic

OPI Guy meets gal-veston



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