Hey looovie !

So today, I wanted to talk to you about coconut oil and share my experience after using it.  I’m actually on acne medicine called accutane which make my skin extremely dry and this one of the product that really helped me with the dryness on my body and face.

I decided to use coconut oil two months ago after hearing all the benefit that it has for the skin. And after using it, I’m just in love with .Since I used coconut oil on my skin, the result are just amazing ; My skin is so smooth, especially my face and it give me extra moisture:  I seriously have a baby skin now ( no kidding)

In addition to the smoothness of my skin, my strech mark are not as dark as they were and this is just amazing ( who like strechmark ? HAHA)





I also use coconut oil when I cook, especially when I do my pancakes, crêpes or cake ( anything concerning bakery) , it gives you this little coconut smell and I just LOVE IT !

Have you try coconut oil ? If not I really advice you to give it a try , if you want to have a smooth skin with natural product , coconut is what you need .

I get mine at Publix and I use the organic virgin one unrefined. For my french reader, you can find coconut in any organic supermarket or even online on amazon.

XOXO Meïtha




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