Hello lovies !

Today’s article is about my favorite body product of March.

Like many girl, I love beauty products : makeup, body wash , perfum and so on…

Sadly, I have a lot of skin issue which do not allow me to try many product that I want and in addition to that I’m actually on accutane which make my face and body very dry. But I found some product that I can use and I’m sharing this with you !

Those are my march favorite :

Dove Dry oil Moisture with argan oil


This Body wash is everything , it make your skin so smooth after a bath and it is with argan oil which has a lot of vitamime E and help remove scars

Superfruit Complex , Hand & Body Scrub by Shea Moisture.


This scrub is everything I’M TELLING YOU ! I usually use it for my night bath after my workout, It allow me to remove all the dirtynessthat I have on me. I mix it with my body wash and wahs my body . You have baby skin after using this !




For my people on accutane you know that Vaseline is life during the treatment. I apply this pretty much every 20 min because my lips are extremely dry.

Oil-free acne Wash from Neutrogena


Started using this in January and It really help me with the oilyness on my face. I highly recommended this for my girl who have oily face


Virgin Coconut Oil



I was a little septical using this because I use this to cook and I don’t know… I didn’t want it to use on my body BUT Coconut Oil is BAE. I do not regret at all using this. I appy it all over my face and body, and the result are amazing. Coconut oil make your skin smooth like baby skin ; I have been using it only for two weeks and my face and body are just glowing and extremely smooth. I just love it

Clarisonic Mia 2

brush collage

This brush is my life !  Like the coconut oil, I was a little septical using it because of my skin issue but it actually really help me. This brush help you remove oil and dirt ; I wear everyday to go to class, and I use my brush to clean my face when I take my shower with my neutrogena face soap and I feel the difference. My face is smooth, free and breathe everytime that I use this brush. You see and feel the difference when you use the brush and when you use your hand ! DEFINETLY A MUST HAVE !






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