Hello Loviiie !!

I hope everyone is doing fine, I’m so sorry I wasn’t present this week because of my midterm but I’m free now and so happy to be back. So today I’m showing new a recipe that I just love to do and it potatoes patties. It’s a very easy recipe and it’s just DELICIOUS !


Potatoes Patties

–  2 Potatoes

– 4 Ham Slices

– Spinach

– 1 Carrot

– 1/4 Onions

– 1 Onions leaves

– Parslay

– Salt, Peper, Garlic powder½ cup of Bread crumbsOlive oil

1) Boil your carrots and potatoes for 20 to 30 min

2) Cut your veggies ( Spinach, parslay, onion, onion leave) and your ham and put them in a bowl on the side

3) When your Carrot and potatoe are ready add them in your bowl with your veggies and mashe it with a potatoe masher ( If you don’t have one, you can use a spoon)

4) With your hand mix well and form medium patties, dispose them on a plate and wrapped your patties with breadcrumbs.

5) Preheat you pan around 4-5 and add your olive oil ; When your pan is hot add your patties and turn them until they are gold.

6) Dispose them on a plate.

*You can eat your potatoes patties with veggies, I usually eat mine with a little bit of salad .and it is just YUUUMY !

Croquettes de jambon


I really Hope you are going to like it and let me know what you think !



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